these are questions we get in our ask box nearly all the time. read these first before asking us something, you’ll get a better answer! (meaning, we won’t answer a question that’s already been asked here!)

will you follow/promote my blog/website?

we have a list of blogs we love and want to recommend to our readers, currently on this post. we’ll certainly check out your blog, and if we are nuts about it, we’ll put it on that list. (this doesn't happen often, as we like to keep it a true "best of.") otherwise, you can get in touch about advertising & sponsoring posts by emailing us at

can i use your recipe/photography on my website/blog?

sharing our posts via social media is totally fine, as long as we're linked back to in some way. however, don't post our content in its entirety to your blog/website. if your site has advertising, or if you're from a publication, please contact us before posting any images/writing to get permission. email about useage inquiries.

why don’t you guys eat organic food or use unbleached flour??

whenever we use a food term in our posts, it’s kept general to fit diets and budgets of all types. some of the produce we eat is organic, almost all of our food is local, and we don’t use bleached flour or sugar. but everyone’s situation is different, and we don’t want to make our recipes seem out of reach. if it’s important (like unvegan bone-char sugar), we’ll usually say “you should use this kind of food instead because …”

why do you guys have ads?

our sponsors help us pay our bills: whether it's food, props, backgrounds, studio space, or electricity for our kitchen. without them, we wouldn’t have enough time in the day to post here - so you should be thanking them! (and checking them out! :) )

could you put nutritional information in your posts?

we haven’t found a good enough interface (ie. website) to calculate that in an efficient way yet. to us, the amount of time it takes isn’t worth it. (we live in a way where we eat a varied, whole foods diet, and that’s enough to keep us healthy. we personally don’t have any specific dietary needs that warrant keeping track of nutrients.) if you want to, send us a link to a good website to calculate nutritional info, and we’ll consider it.

where did your old FAQ (from tumblr) go?

we backed up our old FAQ and are planning to make more detailed, full posts for any questions regarding cooking, veganism, lifestyle or nutrition. our old answers were out of date, at any rate, and we'll be slowly adding them back as we go through each one.

why did you name this "hipsterfood?"

short answer: it's supposed to be ironic. longer answer: our food choices have always been scoffed at by others as ‘hipster food’ - as if it were some silly, fleeting trend. people make the connection between hipsters and vegans all the time - that we’re all upper class white kids that wastes all of mom and dad’s money on trendy items. we decided to make this blog to show everyone that veganism isn’t elitist, that it’s a totally doable lifestyle, and that it most certainly is not a fad.

i'm looking to make something with [this ingredient], where can i find it?

our new website has an amazing search function! simply type in a single or two-word ingredient and something should show up. you can also browse recipes in our archives, above in the navigation bar.

can i substitute [this ingredient] for [that ingredient] in one of your recipes?

go for it! but most likely we haven't tried out that specific combination and can't guarantee results. we're trying to get better at including substitution suggestions in our posts, promise! :)

can you make one of your recipes gluten-free, sugar-free, etc.?

short answer: no, sorry. we're not extremely familiar with gluten-free baking (we're not big bakers to begin with) and we don't usually test recipes with alternative sweeteners. We're learning, though!

what camera do you use/how do you edit your photos?

i use a nikon d5000 with a 50mm f/1.4 prime lens, i shoot in manual and RAW. most of the photos you see here are edited in either straight-up Photoshop or in Adobe Camera Raw, using VSCO film packs 02 and 05. here's a good primer on manual shooting and one of my favorite food photography intros.

what font do you use on your photos?

most older photos use Futura, and new ones are hand-lettered or use a custom font I created called Lady Sans :)

where are you based out of?

we both live and work in Rochester, NY, in the city.

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